The Vision

Throughout the twists and turns of her journey, Brittney Fazūr realized that it didn’t matter if she was in a boardroom, behind the chair in her salon, dressing clients, co-hosting women’s empowerment events or just walking down the street, everyone is an ambassador of their own personal brand. Your name holds weight and how you show up, MATTERS! Allowing her gifts to align with her purpose, Brittney could no longer deny the fact that God blessed her with the ability to heal and rebuild the confidence in women. Once she began to understand and lean into this, the brand, B.Fazūr was born. Fazūr meaning “victorious”, the message is deeper than it just being her name. Everyone should B.Fazūr.

The mission

Empowering a community of badass women through hair, fashion and meaningful conversation so they can show up and show out in the world, for one another and most importantly for themselves.